Driver Improvement Classes Provided by the Best

The goal of the class is to provide drivers with collision prevention techniques and promote attitudes of mutual understanding, courtesy, and cooperation with others on the road.

Course price:  $80.00 when booked in advance, Online payment is $83.00

We provide a positive learning environment

Our experienced instructors strive to provide an upbeat and enjoyable learning experience. Understanding that some in attendance may not be doing so voluntarily, we want all students to leave with additional knowledge and safety awareness skills.

Apex Driving School prides itself on using every minute of every class as a learning opportunity. It is our top priority to ensure the learning experience is fun and engaging, and that all students in attendance learn critical knowledge to help keep them and others safe on the road.  You won’t find any paper airplanes flying or students napping in one of our sessions, that’s for sure!

How to prepare on driving Improvement

Our instructors provide unique insight and bring a specialized perspective, helping students become even more familiar with the laws governing Virginia roadways.

Students attending the class should bring with them the following items the day of their class:

  • Your driver’s license
  • Any paperwork from the court (if applicable)
  • Any documentation from the Virginia DMV (if applicable)
  • A positive attitude and willingness to learn new information

Reasons for taking a driver improvement program clinic

Generally, there are three reasons why one takes a driver improvement class.

First, they voluntarily enroll and complete the clinic as a refresher on safe driving techniques and road signs in Virginia, to learn updated laws and regulations and also to earn positive points on their license, potentially helping with insurance cost savings.

Secondly, a student was ordered to attend an eight (8) hour driver improvement class by a court, after being convicted of a traffic infraction or moving violation.  In these cases, the certification for completing the course is required to be submitted to the court as proof of completion.  Often, courts will reduce penalties for violations if this course is completed by a specified date.


Upon successful completion of the class, students will receive a Certificate of Completion and their name submitted to VA. D.M.V. within 24 hours.. This may earn the individual up to 5 ‘safe’ driving points, which may offset demerits received for traffic violations, and/or satisfy a court requirement for attendance. Some insurance companies give reduced car insurance rates to drivers successfully completing the course.


Students must take and complete a 50 question, multiple-choice test at the end of the 8-hour session. The course objective is to answer 80 percent of the questions correctly.